Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture

Who We Are

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is the primary global food & drink value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture. 

Food companies and retailers are the largest purchasers of agricultural raw materials. To ensure a constant, increasing and safe supply of agricultural raw materials, these must be grown in a sustainable manner.

In 2002 Nestlé, Unilever and Danone created SAI Platform, a non-profit organization to facilitate sharing, at precompetitive level, of knowledge and best practices to support the development and implementation of sustainable agriculture practices involving stakeholders throughout the food value chain.

SAI Platform today counts over 90 members, which actively share the same view on sustainable agriculture

SAI Platform develops (or co-develops) tools and guidance to support global and local sustainable sourcing and agriculture practices. Examples of recently developed resources include: Sector 'Principles and Practices' documents; Practitioner’s Guide for Sustainable Sourcing; recommendations for Sustainability Performance Assessment (SPA); and the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA)

Our Vision 

A sustainable, thriving and resilient agricultural sector that protects the earth’s resources, human rights and animal welfare, delivering value to our members and across our whole value chains.

Our Mission

To harness the collaborative power of our members to accelerate widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.