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The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture

Global Dairy Agenda for Action

Climate Change is integral to SAI Platform's work on sustainability.  Understanding the impact of Climate Change on our sectors as well as the impact of our sectors on climate change underpins our work in this area.  From this understanding we are in a stronger position to collaboratively investigate and establish mitigation and adaptation strategies that can be incorporated into our members supply chains as appropriate.  The key to our success in this area is the collaboration at a pre competitive level.

A ground breaking review on carbon footprinting methodologies undertaken by the Dairy Working Group enabled the global dairy sector to tackle a consistent methodology project, driven by the International Dairy Federation, to start at an advanced level based on the outcomes of this initial work. The study was used internally by member companies to increase understanding and has also enabled the formation of across sector groups on the cross cutting issue. The cross fertilization of ideas and concepts within the SAI Platform network is one of the most valuable services it offers to its members.

SAI Platform works closely with other key global dairy sector organizations, encouraging greater collaboration for the sector.  Our organisation recently chaired the working group of the Signatory organizations of the 'Global Dairy Agenda For Action on Climate Change', launched in Berlin in September 2009 and also chaired an operational group, a group of global dairy sector representatives who regularly meet by conference call to share ideas and discuss issues in the dairy sector.