Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture

Addressing Climate Change

SAI Platform's members are aware of the impact that agriculture can have on climate change, and how climate change can affect agriculture.

They are committed to playing their part in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their supply chains, and to promote actions that will help farmers to become more climate-resilient. SAI Platform members work together with others to investigate and implement strategies that can be incorporated into their supply chains.

Addressing climate change is an important facet of good agricultural practices, and SAI Platform's tools include ways to reduce GHG emissions:

     -     We developed Principles and Practices for a number of commodities and these include Principles on Climate Change and Practices to minimize GHG emissions: DairyFruitCoffeeArable & Vegetable Crops, and Beef;

     -     Farm Sustainability Assessment 2.0 assesses environmental sustainability including GHG emissions;

     -     Sustainability Performance Assessment 2.0 (SPA 2.0) includes a chapter on climate and energy;

     -     In December 2013, a new Green Coffee CFP-PCR was published, initiated by SAI Platform's Coffee Working Group, providing the first product category rule for the calculation of GHG emissions from green coffee production;

     -     SAI Platform's Dairy Working Group contributed to the development of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) common methodology for calculating the GHG emissions in dairy farming and processing;

     -     SAI Platform collaborated with the Global Research Alliance on GHG emissions from agriculture to develop a resource aimed at improving mitigation opportunities for cattle farming.


Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

CSA is an important sub-set of sustainable agriculture, which covers all the three pillars of sustainability comprehensively. As such, it is important to promote CSA practices as well as other relevant practices -which together make up sustainable agriculture.

See SAI Platform’s position paper on Climate Smart Agriculture and how it relates to Sustainable Agriculture.