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Creating a professional, efficient and responsible coffee supply chain in Honduras

Company : Sogimex and DE Master Blenders 1753 - DE Foundation
Coffee exporter Sogimex (ECOM group) has developed ''Alianza par la sostenibilidad'' through which it carries out projects with small-scale producers. Due to the success of Alianza in making producers more competitive, quality oriented and certified by UTZ Certified, many producers are interested in participating. As Sogimex has limited resources, they have developed this joint project with the DE Foundation to include a total of 750 more producers. Groups of small-scale producers are trained together in good agricultural practices, certification requirements and the way the international coffee market works. In addition, the project works on improved access to inputs like fertilizers and credit. Initially, the project collaborated with the Procaso network; an initiative developed by Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (SNV) and Solidaridad, two Dutch non-governmental organizations to develop common training materials and trainings. For various reasons this collaboration was paired down after some time and then discontinued. The Alianza continues to operate through its own networks.

The main project activities are the following:

  • Certification of UTZ Certified through technical assistance.
  • Helping producer groups become more efficient in marketing and selling their coffee.
  • Helping farmers manage risk regarding the price for their coffee, through hedging on the future contracts.
  • Developing and implementing credit systems.

Initial results show that participating producers have improved much compared to before they entered the project and compared to non-project participants: better crop management, more efficient use of fertilizers, improved yields, and better access to credit. A notable change, that contributes significantly to improved productivity is the fact that farmers are regularly pruning. Not just once under influence of project training, but as an integrated part of their crop management. Most participating producers have received their UTZ Certified certificate and Sogimex is using the groups to introduce further certification schemes to producers which can help to expand their markets.