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SAI Platform launches new Water Stewardship Report for the Food and Drink Industry

SAI Platform, the global initiative helping food and drink companies to achieve sustainable agriculture practices, has created a new Water Stewardship report for food and drink companies and their agricultural supply chains. The report has been developed by SAI Platform's Water and Agriculture Working Group to help companies ensure sustainable water management is included in their supply chain and supplying farms.

Companies are facing increased sourcing challenges due to scarce natural resources. The risks to water, from both scarcity and pollution, represent some of the most critical threats to agricultural production. It is therefore urgent for companies to find ways to reverse this trend, and secure their supply of raw material alongside a sustainable water environment and sustainable agriculture for all. This cannot be done with technical solutions alone, in a way that is totally isolated from communities. To be successful, companies need to develop solutions with proper stakeholder involvement and management.

This reports explains why and how to address the ever increasing water challenge. Itidentifies the key issues to consider and provides guidance on how to address them, with a thorough approach that includes working with stakeholders that are key to the project success. This is the latest report from SAI Platform which has been an influential force in embedding sustainable agriculture in the food and drink industry globally to preserve food and drink businesses for the future.

"Those of us dealing for some time with sustainability and water management issues in the food and beverage sector will be aware that Water Stewardship is key to managing our business sustainably, especially in water stressed areas where we have manufacturing facilities.

This new SAI Platform report, prepared by the Water & Agriculture Working Group, addresses this issue from the very specific angle of our agricultural supply chains, informing us why it is important to move from the micro-management of farm plot issues towards a broader understanding of the catchment(s) within which we, or our suppliers, operate.

I encourage all SAI Platform members to disseminate the document within their organizations at all level of responsibility. Many will learn for the first time that a collaborative approach by multiple stakeholders is sometimes the only solution for sustainable farming."


Water & Agriculture Working Group Chair


To download a copy of the report, please click here.