Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture

Heineken new member of the SAI Platform

We are happy to announce that Heineken has joined the SAI Platform.
Heineken, Europe’s largest brewer and world’s largest cider producer, owns and manages one of the world’s leading portfolios of beer brands and is one of the world’s leading brewers in terms of sales volume and profitability.
The brand that bears the founder's family name  - Heineken - is available in almost every country on the globe.

Heineken's aim is to play a leading role in the brewing industry to build a sustainable future. Corporate sustainability and responsibility are priority areas at Heineken, not only in the breweries, but it also extends to raw materials and ingredients, the whole value chain from barley to bar. Among the initiatives in sustainable agriculture is the Skylark project: working in partnership with arable farmers to develop sustainable barley production. A second range of activities is the development of Agro chains in Sub Saharan Africa.