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Welcome to Our New Member: Kall Ingredients Ltd.

Key facts

SAI Platform Member since July 2018


Kall Ingredients is based in Hungary and was established in 2015 to sell GMO free sweeteners and starch products. The company sources corn to produce sweeteners, ethanol and animal feed.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Kall Ingredients recognises sustainability as a responsibility and an increasing prerequisite from the consumer. Some sustainability practices already being deployed by Kall Ingredients include:

  • • Research activity to help farmers in the sustainable agriculture. 
  • • Kall Ingredients has been using SAI Platform and FSA in its training of farmers.
  • • Since 2017, Kall Ingredients has included the FSA as part of its Sustainability Prodecure.
  • • Kall Ingredients provide team activities and training to raise the level of sustainability understanding and knowledge:
    • - Team activities on sustainability is integrated into the wider organisation as the whole staff receiving training
    • - Kall Ingredients are aiming to offer training and a yearly conference for farmers on the basics

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

To date, Kall Ingredients has focussed on sustainable land use but is faced with the common challenge of teaching the farmers the relevancy of this aspect. For Kall Ingredients, joining SAI Platform, where members are engaged in sustainable agriculture, will provide an important means to succeed in meeting the requirements of partners and global interest.