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Welcome to Our New Member: A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj

Key facts

SAI Platform Member since July 2018


A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj is a sugar producer and subsidiary of Hellenic Sugar. As a committed supporter for sustainable agriculture, A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj want to continue further improvements within their supply chain. Their aim is to work in partnerships with growers and suppliers to raise awareness of best practices and ensure that requirements are being met.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Under their own defined - Procurement of Raw Material Procedure - A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj are currently involved in a number of sustainability activities:

  • • Supplying sugar beet producers with seeds, pesticides, insecticides and mineral fertilizers;
  • • The organisation of a team from the Agriculture Department who are responsible for primary producers’ training and recommendations regarding the usage of pesticides and their withdrawal period;
  • • Agronomists from A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj perform a vegetation control through the crop monitoring and if needed they propose corrective measures to the producers.


Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

Like others, A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj, face the complex challenge of cooperating with producers who have difficulties in accepting new ideas, solutions or to document submission in a timely manner. A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj, therefore, consider SAI Platform as an opportunity to contribute to greater efficiency and cost savings in their supply chain. For A.D. Sugar Factory „Šajkaška“ Žabalj to be a part of a network of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals as well as to work together in a pre-competitive environment, offers an ideal solution to the future challenges the food and drink industry is facing.