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New Publication on Food Prices' Impacts on Consumers and Producers in DCs

In August of 2008, as global financial markets panicked, observers of commodity markets witnessed the nearly simultaneous collapse of commodity prices, which had been nearing historical peaks. Since then, the financial crisis, increased protectionist policies, continued rich country subsidies, and climate-induced changes in patterns of agricultural production have been blamed for the rise inprices. The spike in prices shook markets, toppled regimes and deprived millions of adequate access to food.

The rise and fall of commodity prices is likely to impact those that rely on agriculture a livelihood. Many such farmers in developing countries remain disconnected from the root causes of the change in prices and hadlittle influence over their direction. Policy makers need to address this ongoing crisis that has left 1.02 billion people hungry. This note examines the trends agricultural commodity prices and begins by assessing historical prices,patterns of production and demand, and reviews the implications in the context of trade and climate change. Although the food crisis has left the media spotlight, it continues to remain a challenge for many developing country consumers and producers.

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