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Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food and drink industry initiative for sustainable agriculture


  • The Next Global Breadbasket: How Latin America Can Feed the World

    Wednesday 23 April 2014
    A new report released today by the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) shows how with new ... read more
  • Sustainable Performance Assessment 2.0 – Towards Consistent Measurement of Sustainability at Farm Level

    Monday 14 April 2014
    Having developed Principles and Practices for sustainable agriculture, and subsequently Farmer Self Assessment 2.0 to assess the level of implementation of ... read more
  • Annual Report 2013 out now

    Tuesday 08 April 2014
    SAI Platform’s Annual Report 2013 was released at the General Assembly in Seville on 3 April 2014. The report highlights ... read more
  • SAI Platform launches world's first industry aligned Farmer Self Assessment for sustainable agriculture

    Wednesday 02 April 2014
    ​Members of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform have developed the world’s first industry aligned Farmer Self Assessment of sustainable ... read more
  • Three steps to find out about water stewardship for sustainable agriculture

    Thursday 20 March 2014
    As we approach UN World Water Day on 22 March 2014, SAI Platform shares how leading companies in the food ... read more
  • Farmer Self Assessment 2.0...countdown to launch

    Thursday 13 March 2014
    SAI Platform’s Farmer Self Assessment 2.0 is coming in April 2014. Don’t miss out! Now is the time to get ... read more
  • The end of the mixed farm?

    Monday 10 March 2014
    A new report about rural change in Australia shows the increased complexity of farming, increased knowledge intensity, a tendency to simplifyby ... read more
  • Coming soon...Farmer Self Assessment 2.0

    Thursday 06 March 2014
    SAI Platform’s Farmer Self Assessment 2.0 is coming in April 2014. Don’t miss out! Now is the time to get ... read more
  • Honeybee shortage threatens crop pollination in Europe

    Thursday 09 January 2014
    In more than half of European countries, there are not enough honeybees to pollinate crops, according to new research. Scientists believe ... read more
  • New Green Coffee Carbon Footprint Product Category Rule (CFP-PCR) launched for global coffee industry

    Monday 02 December 2013
    A new Green Coffee CFP-PCR was published today, providing the first Product Category Rule for the calculation of Greenhouse Gas ... read more
  • SAI Platform launches new Principles for Sustainable Beef Farming

    Monday 25 November 2013
    Beef sector collaborates on new Principles for Sustainable Beef Farming SAI Platform’s Beef Working Group will launch its new Principles ... read more
  • World Food Day

    Wednesday 16 October 2013
    It's World Food Day on 16 October 2013 with the focus on Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition. Read ... read more
  • 'Wake up before it is too late'- Report from UNCTAD

    Monday 07 October 2013
    'Wake up Before it is Too Late: Make Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate', UNCTAD's ... read more
  • SAI Platform welcomes new Advisory Council

    Monday 30 September 2013
    SAI Platform introduced and welcomed its new Advisory Council to members at the Global Collaborators 2013 workshop held at the ... read more
  • SAI Platform welcomes UN Global Compact Sustainable Agriculture Business Principles

    Monday 02 September 2013
    SAI Platform welcomes the recently released UN Global Compact Sustainable Agriculture Business Principles. These Principles are a great step to ... read more
  • Sustainable Agriculture Takes Root

    Monday 19 August 2013
    Food Technology magazine features SAI Platform and member companies in its Sustainability issue. The article notes "SAI Platform provides farmers ... read more
  • SAI Platform launches new Water Stewardship Report for the Food and Drink Industry

    Monday 29 July 2013
    SAI Platform, the global initiative helping food and drink companies to achieve sustainable agriculture practices, has created a new Water ... read more
  • SAI Platform welcomes FAO’s SAFA guidelines

    Wednesday 24 July 2013
    SAI Platform finds the SAFA Draft Guidelines (Version 2.0) to be an excellent document for companies to use when wishing ... read more
  • Arable and Vegetable Crops WG visit the Skylark Foundation

    Monday 22 July 2013
    In June 2013, members of SAI Platform's Arable and Vegetable Crops Working Groups were invited to visit the Skylark Foundation ... read more
  • Decline in biodiversity of farmed plants, animals gathering pace

    Tuesday 28 May 2013
    A decline in the diversity of farmed plants and livestock breeds is gathering pace, threatening future food supplies for the ... read more
  • Carbon Footprint Product Category Rule for Green Coffee - Open Consultation Started

    Tuesday 21 May 2013
    Carbon Footprint Product Category Rule for Green Coffee Open Consultation – Started! This is your chance to have a view or make ... read more
  • The Performance Frontier: Innovating for a Sustainable Strategy

    Wednesday 01 May 2013
    By now most companies have sustainability programs. They’re cutting carbon emissions, reducing waste, and otherwise enhancing operational efficiency. But a ... read more
  • Innovation for Sustainability: Business contexts and drivers

    Friday 29 March 2013
    Business has entered a challenging new world full of opportunities for strategic innovation, and sustainability will be a major driver ... read more
  • Launch of the world’s first practitioner’s guide to the sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials

    Thursday 14 March 2013
    Seven global organizations, including the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative – SAI Platform, are launching today the world’s first practitioner’s guide to ... read more
  • Study asks: are plant-based diets environmentally friendly?

    Tuesday 12 February 2013
    A nutritious diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables might be healthier for humans but not necessarily healthier for ... read more
  • Consumers, industry, government can all help to reduce 1.3 billion tonnes of yearly waste and losses

    Tuesday 22 January 2013
    Simple actions by consumers and food retailers can dramatically cut the 1.3 billion tonnes of food lost or wasted each ... read more
  • SAI Platform launches financial tool on farm sustainability

    Thursday 20 December 2012
    The Working Group Arable and Vegetable crops of SAI Platform has assigned Andersons Easterns’ Jay Wootton to develop and make ... read more
  • Africa gets its first farmer video-audio website

    Friday 30 November 2012
    A new website unveiled in Nairobi last week has generated a lot of interest for its unique feature of downloading ... read more
  • International business, government and civil society leaders join forces in global forum for valuing natural capital

    Tuesday 06 November 2012
    International leaders from business, government and NGOs gathered in Singapore today to mark the launch of the new headquarters of ... read more
  • Wal-Mart, in China, pushes suppliers down green path

    Friday 26 October 2012
    Wal-Mart Stores Inc has given global suppliers five years to comply with its environmental rules or risk being pushed off ... read more
  • Brazil's Rousseff enacts forest law in blow to farm lobby

    Friday 19 October 2012
    Brazil enacted a controversial law on Thursday meant to protect forests and force farmers to replant trees on scattered swathes ... read more
  • Climate change threatens nature from coffee to Arctic fox

    Thursday 20 September 2012
    Climate change is a threat to everything from coffee plantations to Arctic foxes and even a moderate rise in world ... read more
  • Twenty more "Niles" needed to feed growing population

    Tuesday 11 September 2012
    The world needs to find the equivalent of the flow of 20 Nile rivers by 2025 to grow enough food ... read more
  • African farmers must do more to beat climate change: study

    Friday 07 September 2012
    African farmers are finding new ways to cope with droughts, erosion and other ravages of climate change but need to ... read more
  • U.N. body urges G20 action on food prices and waste

    Tuesday 28 August 2012
    The world's top farm producers in the Group of 20 countries must agree coordinated action to ease worries about food ... read more
  • August 22 is Earth Overshoot Day

    Wednesday 22 August 2012
    Today, August 22, is Earth Overshoot Day, marking the date when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year. We ... read more
  • Building sustainable supply chains

    Wednesday 15 August 2012
    The impact of the media coverage of Foxconn on Apple should act as a stark reminder to companies to carefully analyse ... read more
  • “Going, going…”: The long term sustainability impacts of short term focus

    Monday 23 July 2012
    Short-term thinking and acting has led to the current financial crisis, but has it precipitated a move to more long-term ... read more
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Post RIO+20 Opportunities for the SAI Platform & Coca Cola

    Thursday 19 July 2012
    One of the hot topics at the recent Rio+20 Conference was sustainable agriculture. It is a topic that is particularly ... read more
  • Impressive inventory of products and tools to help you in your sustainability journey

    Tuesday 03 July 2012
    We are proud to release a condensed overview of all of the products and tools developed by SAI Platform over ... read more
  • Accounting for pollution likely within a decade

    Friday 22 June 2012
    Corporate and government accounting will likely reflect environmental profit and loss within a decade, thanks partly to progress made this ... read more
  • Let’s get serious!

    Monday 18 June 2012
    IUCN and the UN Global Compact are helping business in Rio get serious about biodiversity, boosting private sector efforts in conserving ... read more
  • Standards and audit protocols added to ITC's Standards Map

    Tuesday 05 June 2012
    In an effort to respond to the information needs of its stakeholders, the Stan dards Map team is continuously adding ... read more
  • No sustainable development without hunger eradication

    Friday 01 June 2012
    Sustainable development cannot be realized unless hunger and malnutrition are eradicated, FAO said in a policy document prepared for the Rio+20 ... read more
  • G8 commitment to keep food security high on global agenda

    Friday 25 May 2012
    "Agriculture is a powerful tool for reducing poverty and hunger. Events of recent years - such as food price increases, ... read more
  • Super Weeds No Easy Fix For US Agriculture-Experts

    Friday 11 May 2012
    A fast-spreading plague of "super weeds" taking over U.S. farmland will not be stopped easily, and farmers and government officials ... read more
  • Ten Years of Progress: 40 Food Companies Share Their Success Stories and Challenges in Achieving Sustainable Agriculture

    Friday 04 May 2012
    At the 10th anniversary of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform, 40 leading global food conglomerates engaged in a fruitful and ... read more
  • Proud to announce 2011 EFMD Case Writing Awards

    Thursday 26 April 2012
    Ralf Seifert, Aileen Ionescu-Somers and IMD alumnus Tania Braga have won in the prestigious EFMD “Supply Chain Management” category for ... read more
  • Stubborn Drought Expected To Tax Mexico For Years

    Thursday 22 March 2012
    A severe drought in Mexico that has cost farmers more than a billion dollars in crop losses alone and set ... read more
  • Climate, Food Pressures Require Rethink On Water

    Tuesday 13 March 2012
    The world's water supply is being strained by climate change and the growing food, energy and sanitary needs of a ... read more
  • SAI Platform and IDH launch green coffee PCR project

    Thursday 01 March 2012
    The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform Coffee Working Group and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) are glad to annouce ... read more
  • Multinationals learning how to farm sustainably

    Tuesday 21 February 2012
    In order to reduce global poverty and sustain the prosperity of the expanding global middle class, the agricultural sector needs ... read more
  • Soil Erosion Increasing Global Warming Threat

    Tuesday 14 February 2012
    Global warming will get worse as agricultural methods accelerate the rate of soil erosion, which depletes the amount of carbon ... read more
  • Why gender matters

    Thursday 02 February 2012
    The world cannot eliminate hunger without closing the gap between men and women in agriculture. With equal access to productive ... read more
  • EU Countries Face Legal Action Over Hen Cage Ban

    Tuesday 24 January 2012
    Thirteen European Union countries will be told on Thursday that they face legal action for failing to impose an EU ... read more
  • 'Climate farmers' highlight green agriculture practices

    Tuesday 10 January 2012
    Breaking with an older generation of agricultural practices, a group of young European farmers is encouraging a shift to sustainable ... read more
  • Reindeer: not just for Christmas

    Tuesday 20 December 2011
    Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may be famous for guiding Santa Claus through the night sky, but reindeer do more than ... read more
  • State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture

    Monday 12 December 2011
    By 2050, food production is projected to increase by about 70 percent globally and nearly 100 percent in developing countries. ... read more
  • EU Lawmakers Call For Action To Protect Bees

    Thursday 17 November 2011
    European Union lawmakers on Tuesday called for stronger action to protect Europe's bees, saying that the rapid decline in the ... read more
  • Climate Change Making US Water Problems Worse: Expert

    Friday 28 October 2011
    Climate change and population growth in the United States will make having enough fresh water more challenging in the coming ... read more
  • Scarce Resources, Climate Biggest Threats To World Health

    Tuesday 18 October 2011
    The Earth's natural resources like food, water and forests are being depleted at an alarming speed, causing hunger, conflict, social ... read more
  • World hunger report 2011: High, volatile prices set to continue

    Tuesday 11 October 2011
    Food price volatility featuring high prices is likely to continue and possibly increase, making poor farmers, consumers and countries more ... read more
  • Business opportunities in resource constrained world

    Thursday 22 September 2011
    In his opening address at the B4E Summit in London on Sept 22, Björn Stigson, President, World Business Council for ... read more
  • Regulating supply chain sustainability

    Friday 16 September 2011
    What would have been unthinkable only a few years ago is now the order of the day. With a swath of ... read more
  • FAO's interview of SAI Platform's General Manager about Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture

    Wednesday 07 September 2011
    Peter-Erik Ywema is General Manager SAI Platform (Global). In the early nineties he was amongst the researchers that developed life ... read more
  • Proud to announce the launch of SAI Platform's Argentinean Chapter

    Monday 29 August 2011
    On Tuesday the 23rd of August in Buenos Aires, was launched SAI Platform's second local Chapter: "Capitulo Argentina". Over 20 ... read more
  • Nine new SAI Platform Members

    Thursday 18 August 2011
    We are proud to annonce that the following nine bodies have recently agreed to join our Platform: - ABP, one of ... read more
  • Business as usual is not an option in developing countries

    Tuesday 26 July 2011
    Inclusive business models aim to go beyond philanthropy and corporate social responsibility to find synergies between development goals and a ... read more
  • The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the new DNA of Business

    Friday 08 July 2011
    We just came across an excellent article from Wayne Visser, which explains the history of CSR (which is the one ... read more
  • Have your say on how to improve access to agricultural training videos by filling out our short survey

    Friday 01 July 2011
    The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform and the Swiss Agency for Development ... read more
  • Higher agriculture commodity prices here to stay

    Friday 24 June 2011
    A good harvest in the coming months should push commodity prices down from the extreme levels seen earlier this year. However, ... read more
  • Can India teach Europe to deal with drought?

    Monday 20 June 2011
    Europe is suffering from a record breaking drought, jeopardizing food production and restricting households’ water access. European governments have announced ... read more
  • New Push on Sustainable Agriculture - The New York Times Blog

    Friday 17 June 2011
    This week the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations threw its weight behind a new push for sustainable agriculture ... read more
  • UNEP, IFAD launch joint policy on sustainable agriculture

    Friday 03 June 2011
    Two United Nations (UN) agencies have teamed up to launch a new policy on sustainable agriculture – a crucial but ... read more
  • Creating Shared Value Roundtable

    Thursday 26 May 2011
    Executives from 10 major corporations gathered in New York City to discuss the innovative ways that they are implementing shared ... read more
  • Prince Charles Stresses Need for Sustainable Agriculture During US Visit

    Wednesday 04 May 2011
    Britain's Prince Charles has stressed the need for sustainable agriculture, saying it will be paramount to creating lasting food systems ... read more
  • Saving Bats Could Prevent Huge U.S. Farming Losses

    Friday 01 April 2011
    America's bats are dying in their hundreds of thousands due to a mysterious illness called white-nose syndrome, and efforts to ... read more
  • Quenching the thirst of business - Sustainability innovations to preserve water supplies

    Tuesday 22 March 2011
    World Water Day, this March 22, reminds us that water is essential for life. It is also an opportunity for ... read more
  • Google Backs Biomass Fuel Firm CoolPlanetBiofuels

    Monday 21 March 2011
    The venture capital arm of Google Inc has invested in a start-up that is developing technology to produce fuel from ... read more
  • First Global Conference on Sustainable Agriculture in Australia

    Thursday 17 March 2011
    Sustainable agriculture is increasingly becoming a business priority for the global food and beverage industry. There is an emerging need for ... read more
  • The Economist Special Report on Feeding the World

    Saturday 26 February 2011
    Answering the nine billion people question will require to face a wide range of technical and political challenges. The following ... read more
  • New sessions of SAI Platform-IMD Sustainability Master Class on May 3-4 in the US and June 6-7 in Switzerland

    Friday 25 February 2011
    Many of you have been asking when and where would be held the next Executives Training / Master Class on ... read more
  • Investing In Greener Economy Could Spur Growth

    Tuesday 22 February 2011
    Channeling 2 percent, or $1.3 trillion, of global gross domestic product into greening sectors such as construction, energy and fishing ... read more
  • Food Price Hike Drives 44 Million People into Poverty

    Tuesday 15 February 2011
    WASHINGTON, February 15, 2011 – Rising food prices have driven an estimated 44 million people into poverty in developing countries ... read more
  • Fertilizing grounds for change in Chinese agriculture

    Wednesday 02 February 2011
    China launched the decade with its first nationwide pollution census – the result of three years of data collection involving ... read more
  • Farming needs 'sustainable intensification' says report

    Monday 24 January 2011
    [LONDON] The quest to feed the world's rapidly growing population over the next 40 years needs a frontloaded approach to ... read more
  • How can we feed the world and still save the planet?

    Friday 21 January 2011
    Underinvestment and market failures have trapped many countries in a vicious cycle of low productivity and exposure to price hikes, ... read more
  • Principles and Practices for Sustainable Water Management in Farming Production

    Saturday 01 January 2011
    The Working Group on Water and Agriculture (WGWA) is proud to announce the publication of Principles and Practices ... read more
  • Measuring dairy farms’ overall sustainability

    Friday 17 December 2010
    SAI Platform’s Dairy Working Group is proud to announce the publication of its Discussion Paper on ways to measure dairy's overall ... read more
  • Unilever launches ambitious sustainability plan

    Monday 15 November 2010
    Rotterdam, Unilever sets a very high benchmark for the food industry launching its Sustainable Living Plan - “small actions big ... read more
  • Sustainability Report 2010 – Passionate About Growing

    Friday 12 November 2010
    PepsiCo UK to reduce by 50% its water use and carbon emissions over the next 5 years! Read about this and ... read more
  • IDF, the FAO and SAI Platform launch new Carbon Footprint Guide and website

    Friday 05 November 2010
    ‘A Common Carbon Footprint Approach for Dairy: The IDF Guide to Standard Lifecycle Assessment Methodology for the Dairy Sector’ was ... read more
  • Showcasing industry efforts towards sustainable dairy

    Tuesday 26 October 2010
    Featured on the Dairy Sustainability Website, the Green Paper is an online catalogue of initiatives enabling organizations and individuals working ... read more
  • SAI Platform's article on biodiversity in CBD's Oct 2010 Publication

    Thursday 21 October 2010
    The United Nations' Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) issued a special publication on Biodiversity in October 2010, in ... read more
  • How Brands can save biodiversity

    Thursday 02 September 2010
    An excellent presentation from Jason Clay, WWF, has just be released on the renounded website TED. Entitled “How ... read more
  • Math Lessons for Locavores

    Thursday 19 August 2010
    Leesburg, Va.   IT’S 42 steps from my back door to the garden that keeps my family supplied nine months of the ... read more
  • New Training to Embed Sustainable Agriculture Strategies in Companies

    Tuesday 20 July 2010
    SAI Platform and the well-known executives' training institute IMD have developed a break-through training for executives on ways to embed ... read more
  • Heineken new member of the SAI Platform

    Wednesday 30 June 2010
    We are happy to announce that Heineken has joined the SAI Platform.Heineken, Europe’s largest brewer and world’s largest cider ... read more
  • Integrating Sustainability and Innovation

    Thursday 20 May 2010
    Experts predict that today's population will increase by another 50% to reach more than 10 billion people by 2050. ... read more
  • 3rd Conference on Sustainable Agriculture "The Art of Farming"

    Wednesday 07 April 2010
    On May 10, 11 and 12 we would very much like to welcome you in Brussels to the Third ... read more
  • CropLife International Calls for Holistic Approach to Address Water Scarcity

    Monday 22 March 2010
    Access to plant science technologies and knowledge of best practices help conserve and protect water resources in agriculture Brussels, ... read more
  • New Publication on Food Prices' Impacts on Consumers and Producers in DCs

    Friday 04 December 2009
    In August of 2008, as global financial markets panicked, observers of commodity markets witnessed the nearly simultaneous collapse of ... read more
  • If words were food, nobody would go hungry

    Thursday 19 November 2009
    "THE world's attention is back on your cause." That was Bill Gates talking to agricultural scientists gathered recently to ... read more
  • McCain Foods published its first Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report

    Monday 09 November 2009
    We are very pleased to inform you that McCain Foods has published its first Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report.  You ... read more
  • Worldwide Dairy Industry Signed Global Declaration on Climate Change

    Friday 25 September 2009
    On 24 September, the dairy industry made history signing a Global Dairy Agenda for Action during the World Dairy ... read more