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Past Events

Dairy Policies and Economics Conference focussing on Growth and Sustainability

From 17 October 2011 to 18 October 2011 | Parma, Italy
On 17-18 October participants of the World Dairy Summit (WDS) 2011 will have the opportunity to attend a Dairy Policies and Economics Conference focussing on the theme: “Growth and Sustainability”.

This conference will be co-organized with the technical collaboration of the FAO, offering an overview of global dairy production and trade. Presentations will examine industry trends across the world, as well as upcoming challenges.

One such challenge facing the dairy industry is meeting the growing demands of an ever-increasing world population. Indeed, the importance of providing “Sustainable Food Security” has never been greater, and the dairy industry has a significant role to play. Managing this necessary development in a sustainable manner is a key issue, and will be analysed in depth by a panel of international experts.

The program also outlines strategies for expansion in a market where local and global mix increasingly. Conference Manager Dr Luciano Negri is keen to emphasis how today it is vital to ‘think globally, act locally’ – an approach that will be integral to sustainable sector growth.

Presentations will examine consumer views, which are essential in devising how best to communicate the health benefits of dairy products, and, in turn, promote the growth of the industry as a whole.

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