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Past Events

Human Resources: IMD-CSM Roundtable "Turning sustainability into a competitive advantage"

From 24 January 2011 to 25 January 2011 | IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Today, sustainability is on the strategic agenda of most global companies. But how do organizations turn it into a competitive advantage? Research at IMD’s Center for Corporate Sustainability Management (IMD-CSM) indicates that successfully embedding sustainability strategies means making them:
• relevant to everyday business practices,
• capable of filling knowledge gaps amongst managers and
• developing more long-term mindsets.

The human resources department in an organization plays a vital role by recruiting the “right” people and developing executive training and incentive systems that recognize the importance of making sustainability critical to corporate business strategy.

IMD-CSM invites executives working in human resources, internal training and sustainability strategy to a CSM Roundtable at IMD on January 24–25, 2011. To encourage a highly productive dialogue leading to tangible benefits and outputs, we strongly encourage sustainability executives and senior human resources managers in their organizations to attend the event together.

See http://www.imd.org/research/centers/csm/CSM_events.cfm