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Past Events

SAI Platform Meeting on Sustainable Beef

1 February 2011 | Brussels

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, having already worked closely with the FAO team with the dairy study, have arranged for the FAO team undertaking the Beef study to come to Brussels for a pre publication meeting.The meeting will share with those present the methodology applied, the data used and where the main challenges were in delivering the study and of course the preliminary results which are due to be released within the next couple of months.

Importantly, the meeting will provide the opportunity for those that attend to engage with the research team to fully appreciate the study and understand where future work programmes may be necessary in order to address the identified areas of weakness.

This meeting is also an opportunity for us as an industry to look to collaboratively address identified issues which will no doubt be identified in the morning’s presentations. The afternoon session will involve a discussion on the establishment of the European Sustainable Beef Production Working Group being coordinated by SAI Platform and how this may be structured. This group is already engaged with the WWF global initiative, initially focusing on GHG emissions from Beef production.