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Past Events

Sustainable Agriculture Partnership Summit

From 7 December 2010 to 8 December 2010 | London, UK

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Collaboration: The Only Way To Secure Sustainable Agriculture For Farmers And Businesses

The food production industry is under significant pressure to adjust to the impacts of climate change, scarcity of natural resources, increasing population and changes of industry regulations. The only way to secure a sustainable future for agriculture is through the collaboration of brand manufacturers, processors, retailers and farmers.

This event is specially designed to integrate farmers’ perspective. This participation will enable the development of successful management programmes and offer simple solutions for sustainable agricultural practices.

Offering Practical Steps On Prioritising Your Sustainability Programme To Make A Difference

The agenda has been designed to deliver a diverse, yet focused perspective for all stakeholders across the food and drink supply chain, and includes:

  • Plenary sessions presenting best practices tools & strategic case studies
  • Streaming groups offering specific solutions for assessing and reducing water risks and carbon & energy impacts

Leading partnership and management programmes will explain in detail how they worked together to deliver successful outcomes.

Developing A Consumer Driven Sustainable Agriculture Strategy

How do you maximise profitability and remain sustainable competitive? To achieve profitability it is key for businesses to understand the consumer interpretation of sustainability. This event will allow leading retailers to share current marketing strategy for promoting sustainable products and disclose best practice for meeting consumer demand.

Establishing Long-Term And Sustainable Farming Operational Practices

Sustainable Agricultural Partnerships Summit is designed to maximise the networking experience with the entire agricultural value chain. Learn how to help farmers manage their risks by providing them the necessary technological, economic and training support.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet real farmers to talk through innovative new solutions for:

  • Farming techniques
  • Water usage reduction
  • GHG reduction
  • Energy usage
  • Improving soil fertility
  • Management of natural resources and biodiversity

Strategic Take Aways For Reducing Environmental Impacts

The event focuses on innovation partnerships for reducing carbon and energy impacts as well as water scarcity and availability. Learn how to collaborate with farmers to promote soil fertility, tackle GHG emissions and assess opportunities for investing in renewable energy projects. Measure and address water scarcity and availability by engaging with farmers and discover the latest irrigation technologies.

Key Learning Benefits To Translate Agricultural Sustainability To Your Food Product:

  • Developing effective Strategy to balance Sustainability, Profitability & Consumer Demands: How are leading Retailers doing it?
  • Gaining Clarity on Future EU Regulation for Agriculture
  • Learning how to apply Sustainability Metrics that Farmers understand & Create Management Programmes throughout the Supply Chain
  • Collaborating with Farmers to assess Biotechnology Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Focused Breakout & Workshop Sessions on Water Quality & Quantity, Soil Fertility, GHG & Energy

To find out more visit: www.sustainable-agriculture-partnerships.com