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WEBINAR | IFC & WWF, GMAP: Global Map of Environmental & Social Risk in Agro-commodity Production

14 March 2017

Join the WWF & IFC webinar on March 14th, 3:30-4:30pm CET

15:30 Brussels | 10:30 Washington D.C.


Both the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and WWF are helping to support agribusiness firms and banks that finance the agricultural sector to do business in a sustainable way. For many, identifying and managing supply chain risks related to child and forced labor, significant safety risks to supply chain workers, conversion of natural and critical habitats, and loss of biodiversity represents a key challenge. IFC and WWF-US developed GMAP to help streamline and expedite the identification and management of those risks for specific financing contexts. 

The GMAP is a database - displayed as an online, interactive world map - which collects publically available data on environmental and social risks associated with about 250 country-commodity combinations across the globe. The tool can provide an early assessment of environmental and social risks related to agri-commodity production. The GMAP also provides detailed risk analysis reports and risk management support and guidance for each country-commodity combination.

Ruth Thomas, from SAI Platform will introduce the presenters and facilitate the Q&A session 
Atiyah Curmally Principal Environmental Specialist, IFC
Louis Philippe Mousseau Principal Environmental Specialist, IFC
Min Batstone, Knowledge Management Officer, IFC
Daniel Brizuela, Senior Program Officer, WWF-US