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Past Events

WEBINAR | BirdLife International: Addressing the Biodiversity Challenge

6 December 2016 | Members Only

3:00 PM Brussels | 9:00 AM Washington D.C. | 12:00 AM São Paulo | 7:30 PM Delhi | 10:00 PM Beijing 


BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership – a network of 120 national NGOs worldwide – organized around shared strategy and goals but working on local solutions to the biodiversity crisis.

BirdLife welcomes the growing interest among leading companies to achieve sustainability in their core operations. As a response they are increasingly engaging with businesses across the globe on such issues as sustainable sourcing of raw materials, development and implementation of environmental management systems and estimating the true impacts on nature and people.

In this webinar, BirdLife International will present a variety of options for fruitful collaboration with the food and agriculture sector and will illustrate their approach through a set of case studies, covering a range of products e.g. beef, cocoa, rice.

They will also highlight crucial links between agriculture and its impacts on biodiversity in ecologically important regions of the world, such as Key Biodiversity Areas and the challenges that need to be addressed on the way to sustainable food systems.

They will give examples of BirdLife’s engagement with and delivery of certified sustainable products from biodiversity rich locations.

Finally, they will present the essence of their campaign on the future of the EU CAP and will invite SAI Platform members to work collaboratively with BirdLife towards shared goals.

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