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WEBINAR | Water Resources, Agriculture and Company Response. Too Wet; Too Dry? What is Water Stewardship in Agriculture?

12 July 2016

15:00 Brussels | 09:00 Washington D.C. | 10:00 São Paulo  | 18:30 Delhi | 21:00 Beijing | 23:00 Melbourne


In 20 minutes you will get the picture of water & agriculture. General facts but also new insights and knowledge critical to your daily work. We are pleased to have the Head of Water Stewardship of WWF, Stuart Orr to set the scene. 

In the next 20 minutes, Peter Easton, consultant in water management and stewardship with more than 25 years of international experience, will guide you through the excellent reports he made on water stewardship (for non-experts) toward a new tool specially made for you, SAI Platform companies, for Farm and Catchment Level Assessments. The very concise and practical texts of Peter make you (almost) a water expert in just an hour. 

The last 20 minutes are for you, to ask any question to these knowledgeable experts. 



Stuart Orr
Stuart Orr is Head of Water Stewardship of WWF, based in Switzerland. With a background in business and academic research, his work explores the role of the private sector with regard to development and specifically water-related issues. He has published mainly on water measurement, agricultural policy and water-related risk with some specific work on food, water and energy in relation to biofuels and hydro-power development. As well as supporting water and business related fora such as the UN CEO Water Mandate, he sits on a number of sustainability boards and initiatives - all lovingly obsessed with our planets most precious resource. He oversees a growing and talented team within WWF dedicated to proving that there are better ways to develop and grow economies, protect the environment and work with business, including the implementation of water stewardship projects in a number of key river basins. He holds an MSc in Environment and Development from the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia.

Peter Easton
Peter Easton is a consultant in water management and stewardship, with 25 years international experience, across Europe, in the Middle East and Africa. With a Masters in Hydrogeology, he has experience in a wide range of sectors, including water supply, food and beverages, sustainable agriculture, wetland restoration and mining. His experience is founded in the nuts and bolts of water supply development, aquifer studies and computer modelling, evolving into water risk assessment, stewardship and communication. Peter believes ‘plain language’ communication on water, the issues and the practical steps is critical to promoting wider take-up of water stewardship principles.

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