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Past Events

WEBINAR | Business Learning Hub on Landscapes - Part 2

20 June 2016
16:00 Brussels | 10:00 Washington D.C. | 11:00 São Paulo  | 19:30 Delhi | 22:00 Beijing | 00:00 Melbourne
Since 2015, IDH The Sustainable Trade InitiativeThe Forests Dialogue, the Sustainable Food Lab and the WBCSD have been collaborating to help develop and mainstream sustainable landscape management approaches that help businesses improve their impact on land, foster ecosystem restoration and deliver on deforestation-free commitments. 
Together, the four organizations have been joining efforts to building a collaborative 'Business Learning Hub on Landscapes' - a new platform and means of collaboration to share success stories, learn from diverse experiences and help business transform corporate supply chain initiatives into impactful landscape solutions. 
In this second webinar, Daan Wessing (IDH) is going to introduce the developments of IDH's Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes, now operating in 11 landscapes across South America, Africa and Asia.