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Past Events

WEBINAR | How to Engage your Suppliers in FSA

17 December 2015
14:00 Brussels | 11:00 Sao Paulo| 08:00 Washington D.C.| 18:30 Delhi
The FSA Enablers Committee was launched to develop recommendations and tools to help members implement FSA throughout their supply chains, from first tier suppliers to farmers. Over the last 9 months, the Committee's members have gathered and developed many useful materials and resources. We are now ready to share these with you in their "raw form", and are eager to hear your feed-back.

Specific points we would like to collect your feed-back on, and discuss with you, during the webinar:
- Which materials are useful, which are not? Is anything missing?
- How are they already being used or tested in various supply chains?
- What will be the best and most useful final format for the materials (to be delivered at the next General Assembly).

The members-only webinar, led by the chair of our Enablers Committee, Andrea Granier, will thus be quite interactive: We want to show you what we have today, and to receive your ideas on how to make it even more useful for your journey towards FSA implementation.