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Past Events

Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

From 31 October 2010 to 5 November 2010 | The Hague, The Netherlands

Hunger for Action

Now is the time to get down to earth and face the daunting challenges our world is facing. Food insecurity, climate change, degradation of ecosystems and the economic recession urge for an integrated worldwide response and an urgent transition of the global economy towards a sustainable, inclusive and resource efficient path.

Therefore the Government of the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the Governments of Ethiopia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Vietnam, the World Bank and the FAO, is honored to organize the 2010 conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change. The conference where governments, international organizations, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, local community producers and the scientific community, will together develop a roadmap with concrete actions linking agriculture-related investments, policies and measures, to the transition to lower carbon-emitting climate resilient growth. In the firm belief that agriculture can be the solution to many of the world problems.The conference will be chaired by the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Now is the time to agree on collective answers to complex challenges. Our world hungers for action.

To find out more visit: http://www.afcconference.com/index.php