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WEBINAR: The Doñana strawberry and sustainable water management project

13 January 2015 | Webinar

Spain is the second largest producer of strawberries worldwide, and about seventy percent of Spanish strawberries are grown in the Doñana region. Unfortunately, the recent growth of strawberry production has put a great strain on the quantity and quality of water resources in the region, which is home to an iconic protected wetland.  Without measures taken, continued pressure on these water resources will ultimately lead to severe environmental degradation of the protected Doñana ecosystem as well as to a reduction in the long term availability of strawberries from the region. 

At SAI Platform’s Water Seminar in Seville in April 2014, there was a growing realization that in order to protect the sector long-term interest in sourcing strawberries from Doñana, urgent work is needed at the watershed level to improve water governance, implement and enforce laws, and adopt the most sustainable and efficient water management practices. To these aims, SAI Platform launched the Doñana Strawberry and Sustainable Water Management group. The group currently comprises four brands: Danone, innocent and Coca-Cola, and Unilever; four retailers: Ahold, Coop, Marks and Spencer, and Migros; as well as WWF Spain. Also involved as key stakeholders and advisors are the processing company SVZ, and the Ramsar Convention on wetlands.

Join the webinar to learn about this unique group, its three main objectives at Government, Industry and Farm levels, and how you could engage with the group and/or learn from it for other sustainable sourcing challenges.

Speakers: Emeline Fellus, SAI Platform; Andrea Granier, Unilever and Kathrin Rutishauser, Migros.