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Past Events

Donana Strawberry and Sustainable Water Management Group, full group

15 September 2014 | phone discussion

The Doñana Strawberry and Sustainable Water Management Group Is a selected group working together on sustainable, watershed-level, water management in the Doñana region of Huelva, Spain.  The group comprises leading international brands buying strawberries from Doñana, their suppliers, retailers, the Ramsar Convention and World Wildlife Fund Spain (WWF Spain).

The Doñana Strawberry and Sustainable Water Management Group seeks to convene brands and retailers buying strawberries from the province of Huelva to work together pre-competitively, at the watershed level, to ensure the long term availability of water so that the region can continue to be agriculturally productive, in harmony with nature.  This group aims to achieve specific outcomes at Government, Industry and Farmers levels.

SAI Platform will be hosting and facilitating teleconferences and workshops. The purpose of the meetings are to discuss implementation strategies and concrete action plans.