Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture

Past Events

Joint SFL-SAI Platform Workshop on How to make it happen? The nuts and bolts of sustainable supply chains

10 April 2013 | Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay (Maryland), USA

The Sustainable Food Lab annual Leadership Summit and Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform’s General Assembly will have their individual annual meetings on Thursday April 11 at Chesapeake Bay, USA.

They will use the opportunity to convene on April 10 around the theme:

How to make it happen? The nuts and bolts of sustainable supply chains. No more than 150 business leaders and key partners will share stories and explore key challenges such as:

- When and why is segregated supply important for sustainable sourcing?

- How can we communicate about sustainable food publicly when most people seem to have simplified the definition to buzz words like natural and local and organic?

- How do we measure progress and impact of the different approaches?

- What are we learning about using metrics, calculators and questionnaires in sustainable sourcing?

- How does field level measurement add up at the landscape scale, particularly with regard to water quality?

This is therefore not a conference but an invitation-only workshop. Please register your interest by e-mailing our secretariat.

Before the joint meeting everyone will be invited to join optional one-day or two-day field visits around the Chesapeake Bay. These learning journeys April 8 and/or 9 will focus on water quality, commodity production, concentrated livestock production, and fisheries.