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Past Events

Sustainable food supply, processing and products Workshop

31 January 2013 | Le Plaza Brussels Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Health Claims Europe presents a new and exciting program Sustainable Food Supply, Processing & Products. Sustainability may be covered by a wide array of definitions.

This workshop wants to  clarify in which directions Sustainable Food Supply, Processing & Products will develop. The main focus of the meeting will be the analysis  of the current situation and a forecast of expectations and ways to develop strategic partnerships.

Target: people from Senior Management, Marketing and New Business Development  as well as Sustainability, CSR and R&D specialists from Food and Drinks Industry.

Content: How can using “Sustainability” result in better sales and better products? What is sustainable food and how does the consumer  understand this? What are the possible technologies  to come  to a sustainable food production? How to optimize the supply chain? What changes are needed in process technology to further reduce water and carbon footprint? How can the Food & Drinks industry develop strategies for building Sustainable Food Supply, Processing and Products?  How to take advantage of an integrated approach?

All you always wanted to know about sustainability brought in a down to earth workshop with reviews from leading policy and research institutes, views from industry and retail, and illustrated with real life  cases from Alpro-Dean Foods and BASF.

More on http://www.sustainablefoods.eu/