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Coffee is one of the world's most widely traded commodity. However, it regularly suffers from periods of oversupply and low prices followed by periods of short supply and high prices. This cyclical prices movement when it is low has dramatic consequences on developing countries where less money is available for health care, communication and education. In particular, farmers survive with difficulties in coffee plantations or abandon them, adding up to the overall number of unemployed people.

SAI Platform believes that resolving the structural deficiencies in the sector requires an active and coordinated action from the international community. The Coffee Working Group’s vision is to work on a pre-competitive manner and in full transparency, to continuously improve the sustainability performances of green coffee production for the benefit of the entire sector.

Recognizing the breadth of sustainability, the Working Group since its launch in 2003 has work on a wide range of topics and technical tools, including:

“SAI Platform’s coffee working group recently issued guidelines to measure the GHG emissions for green coffee. These guidelines are a great achievement for the coffee sector and as such ought to be adopted by everybody. They are the result of a global and transparent collaboration among numerous stakeholders of the coffee value chain. Our group is now exploring the feasibility of developing similar guidelines for water use by green coffee, which is another hot issue for our sector ” says Giacomo Celi, former Chair of the SAI Platform Coffee Working Group.

Activities planned for 2015 include:

-Development of Product Environment Footprint (PEF), a joint project with the European Coffee Federation (ECF)    

-Development of a factual technical paper to inform decision makers about the pros and cons of jointly developing and using green 

Click here to view a film 'Towards Rational Water Use in Vietnam's Coffee Sector', an initiative by Nestlé and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

To see three training videos for coffee farmers, focusing on the following sustainable and profitable coffee growing practices click on each of the following links: 1.Picking and drying 2.Stumping and pruning and 3.Group organisation. These videos have been co-funded by SAI Platform, IDH, illycaffe, DE MB and Mondelez International.