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Fruit & Nuts

The Fruit & Nuts Working Group is made up of SAI Platform member companies who have an interest in encouraging and supporting sustainability in the production of fruit crops.

The Fruit & Nuts Working Group was established in 2016, merging the Fruit and the Coffee Working Group (established in 2004) and expanding the scope the include nut crops.

The focus of the group is truly global, with the member companies sourcing from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and from small to large scale farms.

The purpose of the Working Group is to share best practices, lessons learned and support in initiating sustainable farming.

There are many challenges for sustainable fruit production, and each year the Fruit Working Group identifies a key challenge and begins a project to address it.

In 2009, SAI Platform’s Principles and Practices for Sustainable Fruit Production were created, which describe management objectives and possible tools and measures that can be implemented to increase the sustainability of fruit production. The Principles and Practices for Sustainable Fruit Production have been incorporated into SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment in 2014.

In 2013 the Fruit Working Group continued with a project focusing on identifying greenhouse gas mitigation options in fruit production.

Since 2014, the Working Group is focusing on two large projects: the Brazilian Oranges Project and the Doñana Berry Project, drawing considerable members' and other stakeholders’ interest. 

In 2016, the Fruit Working Group has changed and grown its membership substantially, and has extended its scope to include nut crops as well as coffee, becoming the Fruit and Nuts Working Group.


Chair: Rozanne Davis (innocent drinks)

>> All our members can join the Working Group in every moment, by contacting the Fruit & Nuts Working Group Lead.