Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture


The Crops Working Group is made up of SAI Platform member companies interested in encouraging and supporting sustainability in the production of crop-based agriculture worldwide. This includes production systems spanning from arable and vegetable crops to fruit and nuts. The purpose of the group is to share best practices, lessons learned and collaborate in advancing sustainable farming.

The rising areas of interest for our members is on a global scale. Currently member focus includes small to large farms with over 48 different crops in 49 countries and including a range of challenges.

The Crops Working Group is actively working through an online tool they created in 2018, called Spotlight. Spotlight is an advancing tool that changes the way member companies interact, share, and collaborate on sustainability issues enabling global outreach while maintaining local relevance. Emerging areas of collaboration include those that are crop-specific, regionally-based, and issue-driven. Through the use of Spotlight, the Crops Working Group is driving and developing projects, initiatives, events and focus areas.  

Right now, the Crops Working Group has two active projects; the Doñana Berry Project in Spain and the SAIRISI - Sustainable Rice Project in Italy.

Co-chairs: Emmanuelle Hopkinson (Marks and Spencer) and Brian Nash (Ingredion)


>> All our members can join the Working Group in every moment, by contacting the Crops Working Group Lead.