Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture


The Coffee Working Group was established in 2003 in recognition of the need of an active and coordinated action from the industry to resolve the structural deficiencies in the coffee sector such as cyclical prices movement generating dramatic consequences on developing countries where less money is available for health care, communication and education.

In 2016, the Coffee Working Group was incorporated into the Fruit and Nuts Working Group and in 2018 into the Crops Working Group.

The key results from the Coffee Working Group include:

 Twelve pilot projects to test and improve these principles and practices in Africa, Asia and Latin America (2007)
The development and publication of Principles and Practices for Sustainable Green Coffee Production (2009);
• The development of a Green Coffee Product Category Rule (PCR) on Carbon Footprint (2012-2013).
• The production of training videos for coffee farmers on good agricultural practices co-developed witg IDH, illycaffè, D.E Master Blender, Mondelez