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ERBS Consultation on Beef Sustainability Outcomes

You are invited to contribute to the change of the European Beef Sector.

The ERBS envisions a European beef sector recognised for delivering measurable positive impact and continuous improvement towards key sustainability priorities. With this in mind, the ERBS has drafted measurable outcome-based targets at European level across four European priority action areas as previously identified through stakeholder engagement.

For more background information on the ERBS, the priority areas and the outcome targets, please refer to the the document ‘ERBS Consultation on Beef Sustainability Outcomes’.

The ERBS is now at a stage where it would value your comments and constructive feedback on the outcome targets through this consultation process. We are seeking your thoughts as to whether these outcome measures are both appropriate and ambitious enough to drive meaningful progress across a diverse European beef industry.

You can access the online survey to provide and submit your feedback on the ERBS Beef Sustainability Outcomes by clicking here.

Please give your feedback ONLY by using the link above.

The consultation is open for a period of 60 days ending on December 04, 2018. The ERBS will review all your comments and come back to you in Q1 2019.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review the ERBS Beef Sustainability Outcomes and providing your comments and feedback.

Should you experience any difficulties accessing the survey, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@saiplatform.org.