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Beef FSA Pilot

The Beef Working Group developed a Beef Farm Sustainability Assessment module for European beef production systems. 

The purpose of this development is to support the delivery of the Working Group’s vision for the EU Beef sector: ‘To support the beef sector in becoming recognized for delivering measurable positive impacts and continuous improvement towards key sustainability priorities’

Having developed the basic structure and criteria which underwent a comprehensive stakeholder consultation, the Beef FSA module is now complete.

Unlike other FSA modules developed by SAI Platform, the Beef module is focused on adding value to existing structures and frameworks already in place with the aim of alignment and continuous improvement. Instead of asking farmers to undertake self-assessments or creating additional on farm audit procedures, the Beef FSA wants to collaborate and support existing assurance schemes  to support measurable positive impact in beef sustainability.

As most assurance schemes have been established from a welfare and food safety perspective, the Working Group (many of them being assurance scheme owners also) recognize that there will be gaps when a sustainability approach is considered.

To better appreciate how the SAI Platform can work with scheme owners to support this transition, the Beef Working Group has embarked on a pilot process, engaging six European beef assurance schemes. Collaboratively the pilot will establish how the schemes can evolve over time to adopt a broader commitment to sustainability that is required by the marketplace and can also support the sector to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Over the long term, the aim is that these pilots will be the catalyst for impactful and scalable industry-led programmes which support and progress the sustainability of the European beef sector.

The pilots will run between January 2017 and May 2017.

The objectives of the Pilots are to:

  • • Interact and communicate with scheme owners to highlight the importance of beef sustainability and encourage adoption of key sustainability criteria in assurance scheme requirements
  • • Collaborate with a range of scheme owners to undertake a benchmarking exercise between their scheme and the SAI Platform Beef FSA to identify areas of alignment and disparity
  • • Establish a consistent and robust benchmarking process
  • • Identify and address any issues that may cause concern or disagreement, to ensure the focus remains on helping the industry by addressing the identified disparities and local priority beef sustainability issues
  • • Jointly identify appropriate steps and timescales
  • • Create a reporting framework for the pilots to ensure robust and consistent feedback


Download the draft 'Beef FSA Questions & Requirements'


The schemes that have agreed to partner with the SAI Platform Beef Working Group in the Beef FSA Pilot initiative are: