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European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability

The European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) is a multi-stakeholder platform focussed on beef sustainability across the European region and across all aspects of the value chain, from farm to fork.

Uniting the European beef value chain to accelerate and communicate our sustainability journey

The ERBS consists of key players in the European beef industry, from producers through to retail. We welcome stakeholders from across the beef value chain who support the ERBS vision and mission and who strive to work constructively towards improving beef sustainability. Through SAI Platform, all members of the ERBS are also part of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB).

Our vision

We envision a world in which all aspects of the beef value chain are environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.

Our journey began in 2011, when the SAI Platform Beef Working Group was established. Focussing at farm level, we initiated pre-competitive conversations on beef sustainability across the European industry.

Initially our focus concentrated on defining a set of 39 beef sustainability principles – from water quality to workers’ rights. Through our continued learning and working together we developed associated beef sustainability practices, to act as a guideline for the European beef industry. We know that we cannot tackle everything at once. Therefore, to achieve change on the ground and at European scale we are focussing our efforts on stakeholders’
key priorities.

In 2016 the beef sustainability principles and practices were used as a holistic framework to identify the four-initial pan-European priorities on which to focus. These were identified through engagement with over 150 stakeholders across Europe. On the basis of this our key priority action areas are: greenhouse gas emissions, animal health and welfare, animal medicines and farm management.

Our mission

All aspects of the beef value chain are recognised for delivering measurable positive impacts and continuous improvement towards key sustainability priorities.

We recognise that there is not a one-size- fits-all approach to beef sustainability in Europe: a region with very diverse production systems and climates. Delivering measurable progress on priority action areas at country level, means securing the engagement and alignment of key national stakeholders through Country Platforms. By building on existing local initiatives and providing flexibility we are working together in a locally-relevant way.

Chair: Sarah Haire (Dawn Meats)

>> All our members (and non members) can join the ERBS in any moment, by contacting the ERBS Director.