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Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food and drink industry initiative for sustainable agriculture

SAI Platform in Action

SAI Platform defines in great detail, and builds capacity on, key sustainable agricultural topics through a wide range of activities. These include:

Defining principles and practices for the sustainable production of specific commodities and exploring ways to implement them on a wide scale.
This is done by crop-specific working groups using various strategies and tools, such as: publishing principles and practices; promoting these towards key farmer organizations; benchmarking these with standards and guidelines established by key initiatives and schemes; testing these through pilot projects involving major stakeholder groups; etc.

Identifying ways and practical tools to reduce the social and environmental impacts of agriculture. SAI Platform has identified the following social and environmental issues as top priorities for the coming years: animal welfare, biodiversity, climate change, crop health, farmers’ livelihoods, soil, water, and working conditions. For the moment we are focusing on climate change linked to dairy production, and water.

More info on Water and Agriculture and Climate change

Developing and inventorying resources to help relevant stakeholder understand sustainable agriculture, and implement it throughout the food chain.
To that aim, SAI Platform in the last years developed a series of training modules and practical documents for farmers, traders, supply chain managers and other food industry stakeholders.

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