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Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture
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SAI Platform in Action

SAI Platform brings together members who share, at precompetitive level, knowledge and initiatives to support the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices. These global members which, through collaboration with millions of farmers around the world, have the potential to influence farming practices in every agricultural producing country.

Our mission is to support farmers and the food and drink industry to forge the way to sustainable agriculture practices. Our belief is that by enhancing relationships throughout the supply chain, the benefits to all are long lasting. Recognising the breadth of sustainability, we work on topics such as:

        • Contributing to food and nutrient security

        • Developing solutions for responsible water management

        • Promoting farm practices that support biodiversity

        • Engaging all farmers regardless of age, gender, size and location

        • Minimising farm level waste from the supply chain

SAI Platform members meet on a regular basis to share knowledge, identify issues and generate business solutions for sustainable agriculture, in full respect of the antitrust laws. SAI Platform’s activities are organized through a structure of Working Groups and Committees.  

There are five Working Groups focusing on specific crops or agricultural sectors:

In addition, we have set up four Committees to direct work on ley cross-cutting sustainable agriculture challenges:

Farmer and Supplier Partnership
Farm Sustainability Assessment

SAI Platform also develops valuable resources, guides and tools to help food and drink companies with their sustainable sourcing strategies as well as with assessing and measuring sustainable agriculture practices throughout their supply chains.  Examples of these resources include: