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How to ensure the positive use and protection of water in agriculture


The food sector relies on the long-term supply of raw materials for its business. Depletion of natural resources and in particular water - a key resource in agriculture - present a risk of disruption in supply. The Working Group on Water and Agriculture (WGWA) was launched in December 2007 with an aim to: maintain the food safety and quality of agricultural products; improve the farms' economic viability and social progress through water savings; and increase environmental ecosystems' protection through polluted runoffs collection.

Key outcomes include:
- Principles and Practices for the Sustainable Management of Water at Farm Level;
- Technical Briefs to better understand some of the related challenges and tools available to tackle them;
- Pilot project with ICRISAT in India towards the development of a farmer-friendly calculator of water use;
- Water Stewardship Report: Beyond the Farm Towards a Catchment Approach.

From Working Group to Committee:

End 2013, SAI Platform adopted a new structure with crop-specific Working Groups, and Committees on cross-cutting issues. The group naturally evolved into a Committee, which gives it more flexibility about scope and way of working while requiring more links with the working groups.

Work Plan 2014:

Desk Work
- Develop a good, practical indicator for watershed management;
- Develop a paper on animal feed water footprint;

Field Work
- Water Seminar for all Members in Seville, April;
- Explore launch of project on joint water risk assessment and mitigation.


SAI Platform’s Water Stewardship Seminar

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