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Water Committee

Launched back in December 2007, the Working Group on Water and Agriculture (WGWA) set about: maintaining the food safety and quality of agricultural products; improving the farms' economic viability and social progress through water savings; and increasing environmental ecosystems' protection through polluted runoffs collection.

Then in 2013, it was renamed the Water Committee, to give more flexibility to the scope and way of working, and allowing for closer links with our Working Groups.

In 2016, the Water Committee was incorporated into the Horizon Committee.

The key results from the Water Committee include:

- the publication of the discussion paper ‘Accounting, Impact and Mitigating Water Footprint at Field Level’ (2009);

- the creation of the 'Principles and Practices for the Sustainable Management of Water at Farm Level' (2010);

- the development of technical briefs to better understand some of the related challenges and tools available to tackle them (2010);

- the development of a Water Impact Calculator as a result of a pilot project in India with ICRISAT (2011);

- the publication of the report ‘Water Stewardship in Sustainable Agriculture –  Beyond the Farm Towards a Catchment Approach’ (2012);

- the organisation of a workshop on water stewardship in Seville (2014);

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- the publication of the report ‘Water Stewardship in Sustainable Agriculture – Farm and Catchment Level Assessment’ (2015);

- the creation of the Farm Water Assessment tool (2016).