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European Sugar Beet Project

SAI Platform launched the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) to support the production of sustainable agricultural raw materials worldwide, and has partnered with the United Nation’s International Trading Centre (ITC) to offer a practical solution for farmers and other stakeholders to benchmark, assess and communicate their sustainability practices along the supply chain.

Many of SAI Platform’s members agreed to work together to mainstream sustainability in their agricultural supply chain by using FSA. As per the request of sugar beet processors, Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Unilever have decided to use FSA for sugar beet, directly with farmers/through suppliers and/or as a benchmarking reference, with a current focus on European sugar beet.



The purpose of this project and the FSA is to increase the consistency in communication within the food and beverage supply chains about sustainability expectations and to harmonize sustainability definitions, reduce assessment and assurance duplication at farm level and supply base level and promote continuous improvement in the sustainable production of agricultural resources.

Ongoing activities and achievements to date

SAI Platform approached suppliers of beet sugar to join the project, in order to work together to develop a roll out plan for FSA with their farmer supply base. The aim is to use FSA to identify sustainability gaps, to support farmers in addressing these gaps and thereby becoming more sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally.

SAI Platform hosted a well-attended workshop in October 2014 in Brussels for participating SAI Platform members and other sugar suppliers, with the purpose to discuss possible implementation methodologies and address questions and concerns.

SAI Platform is providing support to companies carrying out benchmarking work as well as discussions with their farmers regarding the FSA roll out. SAI Platform hosted also a second workshop in Spring 2015, to further support the roll out of FSA in the European sugar beet supply chain.


This project is open to sugar beet suppliers and food & beverage companies. SAI Platform membership is not a requirement for participating in the project or to use FSA. 

>> Want to join the European Sugar Beet Project? Contact the Arable and Vegetable Working Group Lead.