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SAIRISI - Sustainable Italian Rice Project

The SAIRISI Sustainable Italian Rice Project from SAI Platform offers a unique pre-competitive collaboration of the rice value chain that contributes to economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Sustainability engagement is prohibitively expensive, difficult, and hard to do by yourselves. SAIRISI creates a safe space for collaboration, building synergies and economies of scale in its activities. It builds trust across the supply chain to address common challenges.

SAIRISI is a collaborative project in partnership with Ente Nazionale Risi, involving SAIRISI members, farmers, millers, and other stakeholders in addressing sustainability of rice farming. It evolved from previous individual efforts to address sustainability in rice farming: namely those by Kellogg’s Origins and Unilever.

SAIRISI focuses on long-term objectives of sustainability through knowledge transfer that enable farmers to reinforce and advance sustainable practices on their farms, contributing to a better product and a more sustainable planet.

For farmers, SAIRISI helps to further implement sustainability on-farm, reducing impacts, whilst improving economics and differentiating your Italian rice - potentially gaining access to future markets.

For miller and processors, SAIRISI provides evidence to show their clients that they are aware, engaged and supporting action on sustainability in Italian Rice Growing.

For retailers and brand owners, SAIRISI enables connection to the agricultural base and the ability to share this with their consumers to show they are taking responsibility on the consumers’ behalf.


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