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Brazilian Oranges Project

Solidaridad and FrieslandCampina initiated a project in Brazil to encourage and support sustainability in the orange sector. The scope of the project has expanded and the project members now include FrieslandCampina, AIJN, Firmenich, Citri, Solidaridad and SAI Platform.

Solidaridad began the project with FrieslandCampina by carrying out a scoping exercise of the Brazilian orange sector. The main issues identified were concerns regarding a seasonal workforce, working conditions, and family farms.



Goals and Activities

SAI Platform partnered with Solidaridad to develop a sustainability self-assessment tool for orange growers in Brazil, which is based on Solidaridad’s Rural Horizons tool and integrates SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA). The Rural Horizons tool is a system to support continuous improvement in agricultural production, made for farmers, their associations and for purchasing companies. 

The integrated tool should be complete early 2015 and it will then be piloted with orange farmers in Brazil throughout the year. Other activities of the 2015 workplan include scaling up after tool development, implementation to identify needs for technical assistance, and development of a technical assistance program for the growers. 

Ongoing Activities and Achievements to Date

Phase I: development of Rural Horizons

Solidaridad with Citri cooperative in Parana and with support from its partners developed the Rural Horizons self assessment guide for small to medium scale producers and the accompanying online system for analysis, (group) reporting, recommendations and support materials. Rural Horizons successfully incorporates SAI Platform’s FSA criteria.

Phase II: Upscaling & technical assistance Citri & Unicitrus

In the next phase currently implemented, the self assessment is done by all 57 Citri farmers. The outcomes of this will be analysed and feedback will be given to the farmers. The data will be used to set up a technical assistance program, for which an extension consultant will be trained by Solidaridad and employed by the program partners for a period of one year. 

Phase III: Upscaling of continuous improvement program

It is our ambition to improve the sustainability of the Brazilian orange sector as a whole. Therefore the program will take into account all types of orange producers in Brazil for upscaling of this program:

-       Small producers will use Rural Horizons intervention for priority identification and improvement of practices

-       Medium/large independent producers will use the Rural Horizons checklist

-       Large industry owned plantations will use SAI Platform’s FSA checklist


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