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Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture
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What We Do

The overall aim of SAI Platform is to support the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide. This is done through a series of activities articulated around two main axes:

1) Building capacity on sustainable agriculture - based on research and development activities undertaken by SAI Platform itself, its members and other relevant stakeholder groups.

Examples of such work include:

  • Developing principles and practices for the sustainable production of arable and vegetable crops, coffee, dairy and fruit.
  • Testing these best practices through pilot projects in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. 
  • Benchmarking these principles and practices against the guidelines and recommendations from all major schemes and initiatives.
  • Compiling practical tools for farmers to successfully implement sustainable practices.
  • Developing a Sustainability Performance Assessment tool, for self-assessment or external assessment of sustainable agricultural practices.

2) Communicating about sustainable agriculture - towards food industries as well as all food chain stakeholders.

Examples of such work include:

  • Making most of SAI Platform's activities, findings and publications accessible to all on this website.
  • Holding annual conferences on sustainable agriculture: Brussels in 2007 and 2010, Washington in 2009.
  • Providing a two-day executives training on rolling out sustainability in the food chain – which was co-developed with the renowned executives training center IMD.

For food industry members in particular:

SAI Platform delivers products and services articulated around four main pillars:

These services and products are found by our members to add value to their companies in a number of ways, including:

  1. SAI Platform offers to food industries a unique forum for discussion, action and solution-finding on sustainability issues – on a pre-competitive basis between peers only.
  2. It proposes to member companies very cost effective cooperation means, and practical tools, to ensure the sustainable supply of high quality agricultural products as basic ingredients for their products.
  3. SAI Platform's main target is mainstream agriculture - not niche markets - which produces the components of the majority of food products worldwide. The improvements it proposes at farm level and throughout the food chain are based on the concept of continuous improvement along the three pillars of sustainability, which allows for a successful implementation by the majority of food chain stakeholders.
  4. Ultimately, SAI Platform contributes to increase consumer value and customer confidence in the food industry's products - as well as overall society's welfare, including environment quality and farmers' well being.