Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture


  • Nick Betts

    Nick Betts

    Programme Lead - Arable and Vegetable, Horizon Committee

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  • Marco Consalvo

    Marco Consalvo

    Digital Communications Manager

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  • Jane Duncan

    Jane Duncan

    Director of Operations

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  • Jenny Edwards

    Jenny Edwards

    Programme Lead - Fruit and Nut, FSA Implementation

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  • Yael Fattal Lariccia

    Yael Fattal Lariccia

    Global Event Manager - Regional Initiative Lead (Brazil Committee)

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  • Patricia García Díaz

    Patricia García Díaz

    Programme Lead - Beef and Dairy

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  • Adrian Greet

    Adrian Greet

    Director General

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  • Brigid Norde-McAleer

    Brigid Norde-McAleer

    Communications Manager

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  • Joe Rushton

    Joe Rushton

    Programme Manager – Farm Sustainability Assessment

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  • Sven Sielhorst

    Programme Lead – Farm Sustainability Assessment

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