Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
The global food value chain initiative for sustainable agriculture

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Members of SAI Platform and SAI Platform's Chapters

It is fundamental to the integrity, credibility and continued progress of SAI Platform and its regional or country chapters that every member supports, promotes and works towards the production, procurement and use of sustainably produced goods. SAI Platform members must be seen to act according to SAI Platform sustainable agricultural principles and practices. All Members must act in good faith towards this objective and commit to adhering to the principles set forth in this Code.

SAI Platform recognizes that sustainable operational models for agriculture should be developed within the conditions of each agricultural system. SAI Platform will support the development of pilot projects to test the validity of scientifically-based practices to address the environmental, social, and economic needs of agricultural systems. In this pursuit, SAI Platform will be an inclusive forum which seeks the collaboration of key stakeholders such as growers and growers' organizations as well as industry, academia, research centers and consumer, government and non-governmental organizations.

1. Promotion and Commitment

1.1 Member companies will acknowledge their membership of SAI Platform, its principles, practices, statutes and by-laws through informed and explicit endorsement.
1.2 Members will promote and communicate this commitment throughout their own company and to their value chain stakeholders where appropriate.

2. Highest Ethics and Integrity

2.1 Member companies agree to conduct themselves in all activities related to its adherence to the SAI Platform with the highest degree of ethics and integrity.
2.2 Member companies agree to operate in accordance with all applicable laws when undertaking any activities related to its adherence to the SAI Platform.

3. Transparency, Reporting and Claims

3.1 Members will not make any misleading or unsubstantiated claims about the production, procurement or use of raw materials or derivatives produced along SAI Platform's guidelines.
3.2 Members are encouraged to report annually on progress of their sustainable agriculture activities.

4. Implementation

4.1 Members to whom the principles and practices for the sustainable production of raw materials apply will work towards their implementation of these principles and practices.
Members are responsible for ensuring that their commitment to the objectives of SAI Platform is underpinned by adequate resources within their company.
Relevant personnel within member companies will be provided appropriate information that will enable them to work towards the objectives of SAI Platform in their work.
Members will share with other members experience in the design and implementation of activities to support sustainable agriculture.
Members may identify themselves as SAI members in advertising and marketing materials, but may not infer SAI endorsement of their products

5. Anti-trust Law

5.1 Members will adhere strictly to SAI Platform's anti-trust guidelines, and refrain from any behavior which can be construed as anti-competitive practice and will seek counsel should there be any questions regarding contemplated practices which may potentially result in antitrust concerns.

6. Conflict of Interests

6.1 SAI Platform and its members shall refrain from any activity that results in a conflict of interests.

7. Breaches of this Code

7.1 Members will seek to resolve grievances directly with other members in a timely fashion, and will not make unsubstantiated allegations of breaches against other members.
7.2 Breaches of this Code, or the by-laws and statutes of SAI Platform may lead to exclusion from the organization.
7.3 Prior to taking public action in cases of unresolved allegations of breaches of this Code, members will report breaches to the Executive Committee, which will deal with the alleged breaches appropriately.
7.4 Executive Committee Members who are found, after due inquiry, to have breached the Code, will be replaced.